Alex - Design, Development and Evaluation of a Digital Health Assistant for Paediatric Asthma


Poor adherence to medication and insufficient monitoring are key factors that contribute to inadequate asthma control in children and adolescents. This project aims to improve asthma control in adolescents using a smartphone-based digital health assistant (DHA) designed for remote disease monitoring and patient coaching. This novel, age‐specific longitudinal tele-monitoring system will measure lung function and inflammation, environmental exposures, and medication adherence. Through digital and AI-based approaches to passively assess the patient’s health status, this technology will minimise the patient’s burden during the process of disease monitoring. Finally, the project will assess the feasibility and scalability of the DHA “Alex” for paediatric asthma monitoring in the socio-economic setting characteristic of low- and middle-income countries.

Patrick Langer
Patrick Langer
Doctoral Researcher

My research interests include machine learning systems, mobile- and wearableAI, realtime AI and digital health.